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History of the Mangalore Cricket Club

The year 1992 saw the dawn of a new Mangalorean Club catering especially to the downtrodden and needy brethren in and around Doha, Qatar and back home. It was a humble beginning. An association of a few low bachelor friends constituted the core members of the club.

Though a modest beginning, a decision was made to meet every Fridays at 11-00 a.m. sharp, in a small rented room occupied by these enthusiastic good hearted bachelors. Mr. Lawerance Vas was the first of the club for a period of two years. Playing Cricket every Fridays followed by lunch, that is how the club functioned during these two years. One could experience the camaraderie and Mangalorean hospitality during these week ends. It was a matter of great satisfaction as every member made it a point to attend the weeklyfake rolex watches despite various hardships. Celebrating the Feast of Nativity (Monti Fest with Noven Jevan) a family feast of the Mangaloreans was the brain child of some of the senior members of the club.

Initially it was decided to name the club 'Mangalore Catholic Association, Qatar' but then, the laws of the country forbid it to do so. Hence, to have the Club's presence felt and showcase the Mangalorean identity, keeping in mind the law of the land, MCC had to be registered as a sports club and that is how the 'Mangalore Cricket Club (MCC), Qatar came into fake watches and after that it is all history. Over the years MCC has grown from strength to strength, from a handful of good hearted people to the current registered membership of around 300 (both families and individuals). Today, MCC takes pride in itself for being one of the oldest and most dynamic socio-cultural clubs not only in Qatar but also in the entire Gulf region and is very popular throughout the world for its many activities.

The success story of MCC over the years can be attributed to the fine leadership of its successive presidents and the various committees. Much credit for the success goes to Mr.Felix Lobo, a disciplinarian, who is considered to be the architect of the Club. His able leadership of 9 years gave MCC a solid foundation. Mr.Vivian D'Souza followed suit and during his tenure of nearly one and a half years managed to bring many a persons under the MCC umbrella and took it to a higher level. The presidents that through democratic elections with terms of two years were , Mr.Richard D'Souza, a 'Toast Master' par excellence, known for his leadership and mentoring qualities and innovative ideas who replica montblanc brought about more transparency and professionalism to the club. Mr.Norbert Corda who took over the reigns from Richard introduced the sharing and caring aspect to MCC. The current president Mr. Alwyn D'Souza, with the induction of 35 member 'Jumbo Committee', has brought in the human touch, by reaching out to all Konkani Speaking Mangaloreans in Qatar to unite under the banner of MCC whose motto is 'Yeya Ek Kutamb Bhandiam'.

The caring and giving nature of the Mangaloreans is clearly evident here in MCC, which in the past 18 years has helped many a individuals and organizations in need, here in Qatar as well as in India. MCC does not only serve its members but dutifully serves the entire Konkani Speaking Community in Qatar. MCC feels proud to proclaim that it is now holding on an annual basis the following programs:

The Feast of Nativity (Monti Fest) celebrated on September 8th by Mangaloreans is celebrated every year for all Mangaloreans in Qatar, including non members, with home cooked food, prepared by the volunteers, served to more than 750 people with cultural programme showcasing local talents.

  • Easter & Christmas parties
  • Children's Christmas party
  • Annual Ladies Open Throwball Tournament, open to ladies of all nationalities , married or above 25 years of age, since 2002
  • Men's Annual Open Volleyball Tournament (open to all ICC affiliated and other Indian organisations) - since Nov. 2009
  • Annual Talent Competitions in Singing/Insturmental music/Dance/Fancy Dress/Skit and Drawing, open to all Mangalorean children and adults of different age categories . It is noteworthy to say that about 125 children of various ages and an equal number of adults participate year after year since the past 8 years.
  • Mangalorean Day: To provide the local Mangaloreans an opportunity to showcase their talents, since the past two years, MCC has been organising the 'Mangalorean Day', a day of Cultural and Sports events with 'Food Festival' wherein the home cooked food is prepared by the community members.
  • Staging Mega Cultural Shows every year by bringing in renowned artists from Mangalore/Mumbai and other Gulf countries give the feel of home to the home-sick Mangaloreans of Qatar.
  • Annual Picnics for members during Eid holidays
  • Conducted Drama workshops & Speech Craft workshop
  • Successfully promoted Konkan Toastmasters Club.
  • Annual Blood donation campaign for the Mangalorean community.
  • Participation in ICC organized programs for Independence & Republic day.
  • Participation in various activities organised by other ICC affiliated organisations in Qatar.
  • Participation in Qatari government organizations in the "Keep Qatar Clean' drive.
  • Honouring Outstanding Mangaloean Achievers in Qatar in Social Service/ Academics/Sports/Business and various other fields.
  • Honouring 'rare achievers' from Mangalore (like Mr.Walter Nandalike, the founder of 'Daijiworld' web portal which brought Mangalore in the limelight throughout the world). Keeping this tradition alive, MCC will be honouring 'Mr.World' Raymond D'Souza, probably the first and the only Indian to achieve this feat, during the forthcoming 'Konkan Dabaazo-2010' cultural extravaganza, on 9th April 2010.
  • Helping the needy by supporting orphanages by donating used clothes. Recently MCC, through its 'Used Clothes Campaign' collected and sent more 1,100 Kilos of used clothes/toys and other essentials to various orphanages and 'Old age homes' in and around Mangalore.
  • Contributions to local organizations Red Crescent/ICBF/Bihar Flood Relief Fund and needy institutions in Mangalore and individuals for their medical/educational/house construction needs.
  • The Club issues 2-3 editions of newsletter "Sugandh" per year with the participation of the community members.
  • MCC has its own website (now under renovation) www.mccqatar.org (old) and www.mccqatar.com (new)

MCC growth from strength to strength was possible only with the dedicated , unselfish and active participation of its members, the untiring work of its committee members and the exemplary leadership of its Presidents.

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