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Doha   : Sunil D’Silva re-elected as president of MCC

Sunil D’Silva re-elected as president of MCC

Doha    June   26:

Mangalore Cricket Club (MCC), Qatar during its 26th Annual General Meeting held on Friday June 22, 2018 at the Royal Gardens Club House unanimously elected Sunil D’Silva as its new president for the term 2018-2020. Sunil D’Silva is reelected for this post after 4 years having served as President in the year 2012-14.

The 26th Annual General Meeting began with an introduction from Master of Ceremony Clement Fernandes, who opened the evening welcomed the gathering. Wendy D’Silva, Joint Cultural Secretary invoked God’s blessings on the program with an opening prayer. Young kids Viola Monteiro, Vanessa Fernandes, Anna Pinto, Angel Pinto, Suzanne Fernandez, Vernia Mascarenhas, Aaliya Almeida, Michelle Lewis, Renessa Banz, Ashelle D’Souza trained by Preema Pinto sang a beautiful Prayer song “Aik Deva Aik tujya burghyanche mankule magne” from the album “Bhaghi Kutam” composed by Fr. Alwin Sequeira. Music was given by Pradeep Menezes.

The Executive Committee of 2016-18 then presented its annual report to the members for the term 2017-18. General Secretary Riana Pinto read the detailed report on Club’s activities while Treasurer Joachim D’Souza put forward details of the audited financial report. President Prakash Noronha then gave his final outgoing message as President and briefed on the success story of activities especially silver jubilee celebrations with “Gulf Baila Naach” success and thanked every excom member, advisory committee and members for their continued support and help during his term of 2 years Presidency. As proposed earlier, he then informed that the MCCQ Charitable Trust is all set to register on July 2nd 2018 in Mangalore. This trust will cater for the educational needs of the needy children and as a first step education support for 60 children, 30 each from Udupi and Mangalore diocese will be paid from the trust at a ceremony to be held on August 4th and 5th respectively.

He then announced about the planned forthcoming club events:

• Nativity Feast Celebrations on 14th September - Asian Town Banquet Hall

• Ladies Throwball Tournament October 25th and 26th - Old Ideal Indian School grounds

Henry D’Souza, Advisor of the club was then invited to hold proceedings of election of the new Committee. He first dissolved the old executive committee members from their duties.

He then invited Richard D’Souza Advisor and past president, to install new advisory committee member. Richard then introduced Riana Pinto, outgoing General Secretary after 14 years of service in Excom, acknowledged her service and commitment to the club for the past 14 years taking various roles in the Executive committee and also her service to the community in church and in Toastmasters and congratulated on her exemplary achievements as Area Director in Toastmasters Area 22, Div H, District 20 and as a successful leader. Riana Pinto was then inducted as the new Advisory Committee member and Founder member Advisor Jerry D’Mello presented her the bouquet. Riana Pinto then addressed the gathering and thanked all members for their support extended during her tenure for past 14 years as Executive committee member and thanked Advisory Committee for the honour bestowed and promoting to Advisory Committee. Richard then handed over control to Election Chair Henry D’Souza. He then conducted the election of the new president and executive committee. He read all the nominations received for all 13 positions and invited all elected members to the stage.

The new executive Committee:

President: Sunil D’Silva

Vice-President: Joachim D’Souza

General Secretary: Naveen D’Souza

Cultural Secretary: Leticia Kavita Tauro

Sports Secretary: Ryan Renjar

Membership Secretary: Wendy Aurea D’Silva

Treasurer: Ashith Melron Rodrigues

Facilities and Arrangements Secretary: Denzil Christen Lobo

Public Relations Officer: Ronald Saldanha

Joint Secretary: Sonia D’Souza

Joint Cultural Secretary: Shaila Menezes

Joint Sports Secretary: Avinash D’Souza

Joint Facilities and Arrangement Secretary: John Paul Rodrigues

Sub-committees to assist the executive committee were also formed on the occasion. Cultural Team – Jeevan Rayan Ferrao, Sean Fernandes, Joyline Westrin Lasrado, Veronica Baretto, Naveen Pinto Jaison Pinto; Sports Team – Julius Mathias; Edwin S. Pinto, Delita D’Souza Sujatha Fernandez. Facilities Arrangements Team - Melvyn Godwin D’Souza Arun Santosh D’Souza, Web-master – Anson Sequeira.

The Election Chair Henry D’Souza then took an oath from all elected members describing their duties and were officially enrolled in the committee. He then asked the pledge from the members to the newly elected Excom in discharging their duties. Outgoing President Prakash Noronha then handed over the constitution to the new president Sunil D’Silva. New president Sunil D’Silva then delivered his acceptance speech and thanked the outgoing committee for a successful term and congratulated the newly elected committee members. He also thanked members for giving him a second chance to serve as President and requested the support of all members in carrying out the club activities successfully. He also requested members to step forward in taking up leadership roles and for having representation of Christian community in every field as nowadays we see very few Catholics in main leadership roles.

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